Updatable Bible

With all the things worrying me I wondered maybe if i just wrote a bible that way people will understand that there isn’t only one way to live life. Even updated a map is nothing to reality.

COUNTING SHEEP: my self-published graphic novel

23rd of June 2022 – Today I sent off another signed copy of my graphic novel I self-published with friends. Very proud of the fact that I have been able to finish it, and happy that friends are willing to buy it to support me. I wish I spent more time promoting it, I also wished I was spending more time promoting the children’s book I published last year with amazon, I’ll talk about that soon later. This is what has been going on in my head, my goal is to become a working cartoonist so I consider this my baby steps towards that goal, I didn’t have a project, then I did, I didn’t finish a project, then I did, I didn’t publish a book then I did, I didn’t sell any books then I did. Hope to continue this.

If you’d like to read it for yourself please order at this link, there is also an eBook version, you’ll help out some artists who are trying to make it in the creative world:


-written by Sketchman Boris

Free Online Drawing Workshop – How to make Comic strips

After a LOOONG time I would like to start my online workshops again.

I want to teach you how to make comic strips with simple 3 to 4 panels.
All you’ll need is some open mind, papers, pencil and an eraser.

I’ll start with some basics, and then show you an example and then let you create your own comic strips.

This is an online workshop, here is the link to our Meetup Group event page:


bkk unzine youtube channel is now open

bkk unzine is the art magazine we run independently, we just started our youtube channel, here is our first video, please subscribe and help us grow. In this video we give you a guided tour of the Thai horror comics exhibition that we went this past weekend. There were old books, known as the 1 baht comics, toys, amazing illustrations and original pages.