Pictures from my first solo exhibition April 2021 at GOJA (Bangkok, Thailand)

Penciler/inker/co-plotter: COUNTING SHEEP Episode1

COUNTING SHEEP is the first episode of many to come this is a graphic novel set in a dystopian future. Here is the synopsis:

In a society where sleep has been outlawed, it pays to keep your eyes open.

It began noble enough. A simple procedure to remove exhaustion. Lengthen the working day. But when people start dropping dead in the streets, the world begins to wake up.

With a fascist government on one side and gun-toting sleep dealers on the other, the battle lines are drawn and the sheep are caught in the middle.

Caught sleeping in public, an average Joe must decide which hill he wants to die on. Meanwhile, a surprise sting operation threatens to unravel the haphazard insurgency. As the conflict reaches a crescendo, there’s no telling who will emerge from the nightmare unscathed.

‘Think V For Vendetta meets Dark City, seasoned with a distinctly European brand of cynicism.’

. Order the book from Xlibris / Order the book from Amazon.

LE TOBOGGAN MAGIQUE: French children’s book published in

“Le toboggan magique” is a French children’s book I illustrated, my friend Victor wrote the story and asked to join the project. You can order the book here at this link:

Storyboard artist and 2D character animator for an ad

2D storyboard artist and character animator for an animated ad to promote VARIAS sign solution for the company ATOM OUTSOURCE (you can watch it at this link: (November 2020).

Artist on a comic book short story

Unpublished project: Pages from the comic book I illustrated (penciled and inked digitally) based on a short story written by Tom McLean called MARQUIS DESADDLEBAG’S HOT DOG PARADISE (January 2020).

Writer / Artist : HELPING ZOMBIE

HELPING ZOMBIE is a webcomic mini-series I created (written and illustrated) on WEBTOON: Read HELPING ZOMBIE (June 2020).

Lovely planet : video game level covers

Digital art done in Clip studio paint for Lovely planet (video game by quicktequila) level covers (July 2021).

Book Illustrator

Humorous cartoons I created for Rick Otton’s book : “How To Get People To Give You Money: By Asking The Right Questions” (amazon link: (June 2020).

Creator of stickers for LINE

Stickers I created for the LINE messenger application this sticker pack is called “Mom and Pup” (July 2020).

Pixel artist for indie game

Pixel art for game assets created for game jamming for a first person shooter.

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