Cartoon blog day 11: Minimalism

Two years ago I watched a documentary aptly named MINIMALISM. At the time I was jobless because that’s when I quit my previous job to pursue my dream of making comics and sharing my ideas with cartoons. Needless to say I needed money and I had to move from my expensive apartment, Actually I move constantly as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I left India after graduating from high school, I lived in France, I lived in UK for an exchange program, then I went back to France and left to work in Germany after graduating from University. While in Germany I moved to two different cities and then I came to Bangkok, Thailand where I am correctly living on a teacher’s salary.

So I had to detach myself from the items I have bought because I hate moving and I wanted to travel light. After watching the documentary I realized that especially when it comes to clothes I only wear 60% of what was in my wardrobe, again and again. Your ratio maybe different. So I decided to donate the 40% and I still to this day I don’t miss those clothes.

CBD11 Minimalism

So i decided to buy new clothes only if the ones I have become unusable which means I would not ADD but only REPLACE maintaining the inventory.

Now for so many people who are true minimalists this is not exactly what is Minimalism hey that’s why I made today’s Cartoon.

So far it’s been easy for me. First, I save money by not impulse buying T-shirts that I would never wear after a first time. second, I learned through a friend that we make way many clothes than we need, and after watching an episode of John Oliver’s LAST WEEK TONIGHT about clothes and fashion, I am sure they still use child labor to produce these clothes, because we can’t check these big companies and their subcontractors constantly.

I know it’s like finding  a global reason to continue doing what you decided to do because you wanted to save money I read in the book Enigma of Reason by Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber that in most cases we make decisions and find reasons for them afterwards.


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