Cartoon blog day 16: Real meat

CBD16 Real meat.jpg

I find optimism where other people find nihilism. He said ironically.

All jokes aside I totally understand the vegan movement. The current mass production of meat is the result of mass demand. You reduce the demand you reduce the offer.

What can I say that hasn’t been said ?

In my loneliness, I think about ways to contribute to the well being of the environment with the intention of living a GREEN life. However, like most people I tend to choose convenience over quality. For example I have stopped buying paper tissues which I used to carry with me, I replaced paper towels with cloth. Not only do I save money I create less trash.

When it comes to the consumption of meat, I live in Bangkok, Thailand where the food is not only delicious but cheap compared to other BIG Asian cities. As a result, I fill my love for meat everyday.

I remember growing up in India with my brother. My single Mom would would cook  fish and meat only on weekends. I still don’t know if that was part one of the many religious traditions or just because my mother didn’t have enough money to buy meat and fish everyday. Ah I used to be in great shape until I moved to Europe after my high school graduation.

I started eating meat almost on a daily basis after I moved to France 13 years ago.

The above mentioned memory gave me an idea, I don’t want to become VEGAN. Because I believe a healthy human being needs a varied diet. But I plan to eat meat only 5 days per week as a starting point. My goal is to gradually increase these MEATLESS days to 4 (3 days with Meat and 4 days without).

Even better I think they should have an International no MEAT day per week.

Bonne journée.


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