Cartoon blog day 21: Can you be happy and healthy?


Let’s talk about HAPPY. (Not the graphic novel by Grant Morrison)

Does the state of happiness exist?

When you say you feel happy, aren’t you really just feeling a rush of chemicals in your brain? if so, how do you differentiate chemicals of happiness from chemicals of pleasure?

We are programmed to fulfill needs and act on our desires. If you call acting on desires happiness you are not different from other animals. Unless we choose our desires and needs in the first place. But, Do WE?

If I have learned from the massive book that is SAPIENS (by Yuval Noah Harari) is that we don’t seek happiness, we seek pleasure.

I started reflecting about this. If you were really happy you wouldn’t be thinking about what to do next after reading this. Most of us live in checklists of things we have to do.

-Wait, wait, there is more to that Boris.

-Of course, I am not a scientist, just a cartoonist, but there are also more reasons why people cheat on their partners, for now let’s stay simple.

All this to say, I’ve given up on eating chocolate on a regular basis. I eat chocolate only on Saturdays. This is not going to change anything in my body but I do love sweets and chocolate was my GO TO.

This craving made me think of whether people who are into strict diet are really happy. Because a strict diet means that they have sacrificed their old eating habits which would have been synonymous with pleasure.

What do you think, can you be healthy and happy?

Bonne journée.


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