Cartoon blog day 24: Albums

20181108 CBD25 Albums

This can be used as an Appendix to my post about Desensitization in social media.

I think no matter who you are, you will get bored or at least feel irritated if you see the same content over and over again.

I can’t exactly put it into appropriate words but, I think a lot of misunderstanding. prejudice, harm against people can be avoided if we take a moment to think about the way we feel. (in a way this blog was created for that purpose for me)

I thought about the boredom I feel about the people I know sharing the same kind of pictures, a.k.a their kid’s doing stuff EVERYDAY.

I hope we are all in agreement when I say that family is a beautiful thing in life and children are wonderful. But why do I roll my eyes whenever I see parents record every moment of their kid’s life?

This is why the desensitization is more dangerous than I thought, so much so it makes you hate the image of children.

If you capture every moment, are you able to tell which ones are special? Or do you feel that an experience not shared with people is not an experience worth having?

Bonne journée.


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