Cartoon blog day 26: Unique


Do you exist as an unique human being or are you an unique combination of human beings?

Let’s take an example, imagine you want to become an illustrator. You might have an unique style of rendering an image but that style is the result of many influences you have been exposed to.

This idea of being unique has to come in part from the belief in soul, the importance of the individual in a democratic society which is the best system we have come up so far.

Before I say anything stupid you have to understand the nuance for the benefit of balance in my statements.

Between “You are the same as your social group” and “You are the only version of yourself that exists” there are many versions.

It all comes down to the question of what your goal is, the goal linked to the meaning you have assigned to your life. Your opinion, your contribution is important not because you are unique but because we are all different.

I think uniqueness can lead the unwise to become self centered whereas thinking you are different makes you consider about the state of others. And if you are wise you might even take a moment to put yourself in others’ shoes.

Bonne journée.


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