Cartoon blog day 32: Perfume


Our sense of smell is very interesting isn’t it?

Whether it’s your apartment where you can get used to the smell given a certain moment so much so you have to go out and come back again inside to smell what your visitors smell.

If you really care about what your apartment smells, looks like, I suggest you invite people. I live in a small one room apartment and I invite people so I can force myself to clean it regularly.

Sometimes, I give up, it’s not about not having time it’s just you become accustomed to your own mess, whether it’s your room or in your decisions.

I firmly believe in this: Your beliefs are valid if you can talk about them comfortably with other people.

Especially as an artist you might have a dream, that doesn’t mean it’s the right dream. Of course apart from my handful of close friends nobody including my wonderful mother can understand the joy of storytelling especially telling stories in comics.

You don’t need to constantly get approval of the path you choose but you do need to keep yourself in check and your closest friends will be the safety net when you make mistakes. The only way to teach, learn and grow IS by sharing as much as possible because it’s by being out of your comfort zone that you’ll improve.

Bonne journée.


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