cartoon blog day 37: You didn’t expect that 1/2

I don’t believe we are all equal yet, because we are different. You might say “I love everyone or at least I accept everyone”. You can say that when you have actually met everyone in the world. 

I am glad you are open to suggestions when you say you accept people despite their differences, I applaud that but your tolerance level is limited, limited to what you know to be differences. What if you encounter something or someone outside of the realm you call different?

 I said all that so you can be aware of it. Because not knowing all that is different is not the problem. The problem is most people not being objectively aware of their disposition towards those who are different. 

But we are happy to discover similarities with strangers despite all the cultural differences thrown at us as if having the same biological features is not enough (two eyes, one mouth, two ears, etc).

Grant Morrison (my hero) said that since we began as a single cell organism, that cell split and that cell is within all of us. Just think about that for a moment.  

To be continued…


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