cartoon blog day 40: SPLIT

I believe there is an unexpressed frustration or suffering people in minority groups go through. Let’s take the example of European expats in Asia. I know this is true in India, I have discovered it’s similar in Thailand too when it comes to the way Caucasian people are perceived. To put it simply almost everybody thinks Caucasian people are rich. 

Food panda is a delivery service in Thailand. When I  was talking to someone in a meetup event from Japan. He expressed his surprise to see a Caucasian person riding a food panda scooter. 

Of course, there are reasons for this, we see images of privilege, the higher quality lifestyle from Europe, the United States and so on, not to mention the exchange rate of currencies. 

No matter where you are from, travelling to a country which is not even aware of your mother tongue can throw you off, however, it’s an experience I recommend to everyone. 

No matter how different the experiences are just remember to not be afraid, by putting yourself out of your comfort zone you have taken to road to wisdom and humility.

If you can’t afford to travel, how do you travel without travelling? READ BOOKS.  

Bonne journée.


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