Cartoon blog day 44: 0% fat yogurt

This is the second yogurt brand I tried. You might be wondering:

“Why don’t you read the content before you buy the yogurt?”

It’s because it’s in Thai.

“Wait, you have been living in Thailand for 4 years and you don’t know how to read Thai?


Whatever excuse I might give you it will not answer the question whether the minority has to learn the language of the majority, or learn English which through no fault of our own has become the international language.

I live in Thailand and many people do learn Thai, but since I don’t know how long i will stay here i guess i didn’t see the utility for learning it.

I learned the basic sentences to order food at local restaurants, ask for directions and give directions to taxi drivers. I won’t lie I do feel like missing on a lot of things going on in Thailand.

This made me question about the languages that one should know.

I firmly believe people should have the choice to learn the languages they need to adapt to their environment.

But I think you need to know your mother tongue to communicate to the group of people you identify with and at least one more language to communicate to the people you consider “others” thus becoming the bridge.

You know if you still believe like most of us do on US vs THEM.

Bonne journée.


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