I drew the poster for Thailand Pride Festival

Sketchman Boris on 12th of November 2022:

My wife works for APCOM (https://www.apcom.org/) and she was kind enough to ask me to work on this poster which I enjoyed. As an art director, she told me “You are easy to work with” and that’s promising for a guy who thinks he can draw only the things he wants to draw. 

You may have thought this was going to be about the poster, but this is about my wife who gives me more support that I deserve to be honest. 

Most of the time, in my pursuit to become a working Artist I forget that this profession is not stable, but one thing I can count on to be stable is her love and appreciation for what I do. I recently watched an interview of George R R Martin by Kevin Smith where he said, talking about writing: “If you are looking for something stable, find another line of work”. Many times I ask myself why am I so adamant on making it in comics? Because I love it. But can that be the only reason? It’s not a simple answer, as I can only look back and connect the dots so only time can tell, well only my passion and hardwork can tell, of course my wife can tell because she is an artist too. 

Due to a family tragedy, I had to come to France and have been living here for almost five months away from my wife. When I call her, I am not able to talk to her like I used to. I hope she understands. 

She is married to a man who started pursuing his childhood dreams at the age of 30 (6 years ago) and like most women she knows her husband, women are good at figuring us out. I hope I can make her proud. 

Here is the poster.


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