A matter of perspective

Art can teach you a lot about life (swipe right)


The cartoonist – ep. 4: Audience

When it comes to making a living from art this is another question that comes up in every creator’s life. You’ll hear things like “it’s not about you, it’s about them (audience)” Well I disagree, because it’s me who has sit down and create, so I need to be the first audience. The process of creation has to be enjoyable for me.

The cartoonist – ep. 3: Just do it

This is a webcomic series that will be a sort of journal into the mind of a cartoonist and I plan to comment on art and creativity in general. I have a lot of things to say so hopefully this series will take a long time to end maybe it’ll never end until I stop thinking of things to say. I agree that this very unpolished but like Bobo says in this episode I just wanted to say what i have in my mind without any filters. Hopefully you’ll follow and enjoy it. If you have any comments i’ll be happy to respond.