Me and my ideas

Ideas hit you when you least expect them. I used to dismiss them saying to myself “I’ll remember that” but now when I have an idea, whatever it is, I note it down on my GOOGLE CALENDAR REMINDERS as cartoons to draw and when I have time to kill between lessons in my day job I work through the list of reminders. Sometimes they retain their potential, but sometimes I have to keep them as reminders and let them simmer longer.



cartoon blog day 39: Writing is thinking

People need to write, because writing is a form of thinking. 

First of all because it forces you to make sense, writing allows you to organize your thoughts. As I do it more and more I am also realizing that I can find the contradictions in my reasoning. 

I started writing this blog with cartoons because I have a lot of things to say. As different my ideas are from each other, they seem to coexist without collapsing and without me ending in an asylum (Do they still call it like that?).

So writing allows me to connect these ideas. I don’t even know if I should say I am lost or I was lost when it came time to decide who I am going TO BE, things I am going TO DO. Then I put all the things I do for no good reason other than to express myself. 

I will share the diagram I came up with the next time. 

Bonne journée.