Cartoon blog day 12: DILF

CBD12 DILF.jpg

I had this idea after witnessing how obsessed girls are of Caucasian babies here in Bangkok. The other day I saw a girl run towards a parent just to say hi to the baby. I was listening to a podcast where I heard the same thing about dog owners in TINDER (which by the way I am not into).

Now as a man, we might not realize how this is attractive to women. People take the sexist card whenever a man thinks about a sort of programming that we HUMANS are not aware of. But come on, I have to admit when I see a child lost in a mall looking for her mother even for a second I feel the need to protect her to help her find the mother. Should I be ashamed of what I feel for a helpless child?

Now what if I felt the need to help a woman struggling with her luggage does it mean that in my head I am responding to a programming in which Women are weaker than me?

At first people get scared in front of all these questions that men didn’t have to think about. I am not different when it comes to the relationship with women. But I am more interested in questions than answers maybe that’s the wanna be philosopher in me.

This is part of a long chain of changes to come, the human society is organizing itself in a different way. The best thing to do is to listen. NOT RUN.

Bonne journée.