Cartoon blog day 8: Texting

I am not the first person this happens to, nor is it the first time that it happens to me. I go meetups in Bangkok where I meet new people. We have interesting conversations, then whether it’s a man or a woman they give you their contact. Then you ask them whether they want to go for a beer, or hangout and talk about stuff. And then SILENCE. I tried to find out why in the beginning but now I gave up I just move on because now I have a lot other things to do. Like my daily cartoons, my monthly webcomic series and my Youtube videos on my channel. What do you guys think, do these people realize they made a mistake? Or were they drunk at the event when they gave their contact details? I wouldn’t mind if it was an e-mail because sometimes people forget to check their e-mail but now everybody has their smartphone on them and the notification must appear on their phone.

CBD8 Texting