Cartoon blog day3: Mer MAID

As much as I hate explaining cartoons I feel even worse when I think about the amount of water I consume as a single person and the amount of trash I create. I live in Bangkok, Thailand. As a single guy who lives on a teacher’s salary who is trying to make a living from his art I am a regular customer at Seven Eleven shops, first they are everywhere and second they are open 24/7 so as an artist who has his best ideas at night I often buy the products I consume there.

CBD3 Mer maid clean oceans.jpg

The reason I talked about Seven Eleven is because here in Thailand the clerks tend to give you plastic bag even for the smallest items. I am planning on buying a reusable cloth bag and if I can’t find one which is the correct size I’ll probably make one for myself and give some to people I know and to strangers on the street to reduce the usage of plastic bags. What do you people think?

I can’t solve as the problem of trash in the world as an individual but I can start the conversations, and focus on small things. Like for example I used to use paper tissues but now I bought cloth handkerchiefs (why don’t we say Handkerchieves? Anyway)  which I wash and reuse, not only do I save money I use less paper now.



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