Cartoon blog day4: Fall in LOVE with LIFE

There is too much cynicism and making fun of everything to the point one can get confused about what’s important so it’s time I got cheesy on your ass:

CBD4 Meaning of life.jpg

Not once but twice i was asked to draw something for a freelance job and didn’t get paid. I was furious at first but then i came across an interview where Neil Gaiman (one of my favorite people in the planet) told a story about when he was starting as a writer, and he made a very simple argument for doing what you love.

I don’t remember the story but the lesson I got from that is if you decide to make a living doing what you love, something you enjoy, if you get paid you have the enjoyable experience of creating the work and as a bonus some cash. If you feel like doing something just for the money, if you don’t get the money, you have nothing.

Which brings me to today’s cartoon as cheesy as it is, as an Artist I am learning more and more to fall in love with the process and as a guy who is vaguely interested in spirituality, mindfulness, buddhism, I see the pointlessness of depending purely on results after results. Of course if you work for a company you are expected to pull in results but in ART it’s all about the way you felt when you create and if you are honest the person enjoying your art will feel it as well.


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