cartoon blog day 38: you didn’t expect that 2/2

(Please read the part1 of this post from the day before to get some context)

If we all come from a single point of origin, I can hardly believe the argument “We are all the same” but I can stand behind “We are all connected”.

First of all, think physically, you are not in a bubble even if you are not surrounded by people all the time. Think about the device you are reading this blog on. Can you imagine how many people were involved to get this product in your hands? 

OK let’s leave the physical for the moment, you actions are determined by your programming from people you have encountered which in turn will influence the way people people see you, creating a cycle. Figure out if this cycle is what you want in life, you can always break it. 

When people say “CHANGE THE WORLD”, as monumental as it may seem, they actually mean : “Change the perception others have of you”. Become the change you want to see in the world and I am not the first person to say this. If you want to become a writer, just start writing and start sharing. 

Bonne journée.


Cartoon blog day 27: Motivatonal quotes


Why don’t I like motivational quotes when I myself cite quotes from artists and philosophers?

In my opinion, the road to knowledge, wisdom and ultimately meaning is a difficult one.

Although the intention of a naive motivational quote may be well placed, it removes the mystery, and most importantly it removes the process.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, if you are purely result oriented you may be a suitable candidate in a corporate environment. But the laws of the universe in which we live are more blurred and are not as clear as the borders of a spreadsheet.

So I should fall in the post-modern thought process of : there is no one way to interpret life events therefore there is no one meaning I should strive for?

There are differences between meaning and results just like there are differences between vision and objectives.

“Do something you love, so that you can be someone everybody admires” – Me.

Confusing isn’t it? Yes, be confused, confusion should lead to curiosity to find your WHY.

Then you won’t look for guidance in motivational quotes for which you don’t know the origin, but you will look for guidance in people. I don’t mind quoting Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson because I know the quote comes from him and I know he works hard even though he is not an artist nor a philosopher.

Bonne journée.

Cartoon blog day 25: Reincarnation

First of all, I have some question about the link of time travel with reincarnation. Is reincarnation us going to the future, I mean who said that you retain your biological form when you Time travel, maybe you become a baby again and have to grow up in the future in the hope that you will still remember why you Time traveled in the first place. If you have any theories on that let me have it in the comments.

20181107 CBD25 Reincarnation.jpg

Usually like any common mortal, my thoughts at any particular moment are influenced by the books I am reading. I just finished reading HOMO DEUS in which the author Yuval Noah Harari said that we record History not only to avoid mistakes by drawing lessons from the past but also because it liberates us.

Which is why talking to a friend about a problem you have, feels good. I usually find myself on the other side of the conversation because for some reason people believe that I am a good listener who doesn’t judge.

The problem I have come to realize is that I try to give solutions to any problem I hear, even if the person sharing the trouble doesn’t want one.

I cannot ask the person who is going through something horrible: “Now wait do you want me to listen or to give you a solution?” if you do this, you are considering the feelings of the person in front of you.

Maybe because we unconsciously know that  History is mostly written by Victors we want all stories to end in a good way, or at least have some sort of closure FOR US. But that’s exactly the point, it’s not always about YOU.

As I grow up, I realize that everyone is going through something at any given moment and putting your feelings in front of theirs, is not helping anyone.

Bonne journée.

Cartoon blog day 14: Money goals

Hey I tried to color my cartoon today because I had more time.

CBD14 Money goals


I heard some people have even planned what age they are going to die, what age the are going to retire and so on. But I cannot emphasize this enough, i truly believe that enjoying the experience, the process is a healthier way to live.

Maybe this comes from the fact that in schools we are trained to get good grades, good results even if you are even interested in learning at all.

Even in case of marriages, if you are getting married to have a family what happens after you have a child and the child grows up and leaves the house? I still feel that most relationships are means to an end not an end in itself.

Is that why, couples gets separated after their kids grow up?

At the same time I have never been married and I am single at the moment so maybe I am not the best person to listen to.

What are your money goals?

Bonne Journée.

Cartoob blog day 9: Attachment

We are not talking about e-mail attachments, as I get older I begin to understand that we need a healthy balanced distance between the things in our lives. Whether it’s SPORTS, WORK, or playing VIDEO GAMES you have to have a healthy distance from these bubbles.

Don’t get too obsessed with WORK because we don’t live to work, we work to live; Don’t get too obsessed with SPORTS at the end of the day it’s a game with people sometimes not from the same country wearing the same uniform to play; Don’t get too attached to hobbies like GAMING well because you need to have also a social life.

Now you might say it’s easily said that done…

CBD9 Attachment and power.jpg


This is where ART comes in. I have realized that the test to see whether you are too attached to something can be revealed when you are having conversations about that (those) particular bubble(s). Because conversations keep things in check, not only individually but for societies. And what is better than to laugh at yourself when a stand up comedian makes fun of a gamer in a clever way. You may feel uncomfortable at first but STAND UP comedy done right is ART and your laughter can be liberating and put things in perspective which is why I firmly believe in the idea of artists to say what they want.

Bonne journée.