Cartoob blog day 9: Attachment

We are not talking about e-mail attachments, as I get older I begin to understand that we need a healthy balanced distance between the things in our lives. Whether it’s SPORTS, WORK, or playing VIDEO GAMES you have to have a healthy distance from these bubbles.

Don’t get too obsessed with WORK because we don’t live to work, we work to live; Don’t get too obsessed with SPORTS at the end of the day it’s a game with people sometimes not from the same country wearing the same uniform to play; Don’t get too attached to hobbies like GAMING well because you need to have also a social life.

Now you might say it’s easily said that done…

CBD9 Attachment and power.jpg


This is where ART comes in. I have realized that the test to see whether you are too attached to something can be revealed when you are having conversations about that (those) particular bubble(s). Because conversations keep things in check, not only individually but for societies. And what is better than to laugh at yourself when a stand up comedian makes fun of a gamer in a clever way. You may feel uncomfortable at first but STAND UP comedy done right is ART and your laughter can be liberating and put things in perspective which is why I firmly believe in the idea of artists to say what they want.

Bonne journée.



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