Cartoon blog day 43: Interracial relationships

Before you think about it, the title is totally click-baity. The word “race” is still a question to me. I once heard one of my idols, the author Alan Moore say that in the human genome there are no traces of race, it is a human construct, essentially Race is an illusion. (Note to self: Find out for once and for all if race is still a valid word to be used).

To put it in context, before what I tell you what happened, several days earlier I was in a meetup to network people because I was looking for a job, and I met this Indian guy to whom I said something within the lines of: I understand my Boris can be strange for people to hear, because I am probably the only Indian Boris in the world. But it shouldn’t be a surprise to see people from different cultures sitting around a table hanging out. 

For a short time I used to live with my friends because I didn’t have a job so I couldn’t afford to pay for an condo. Back then I used to have habit: take the laptop in my backpack, walk around the mall with air conditioning because it was too hot outside and have the usual conversations with myself, sit down somewhere and let the words pour on the computer with the aim of organizing them later in form of a blog post (or hopefully several blog posts).

As I got on the escalator going up, I noticed something which took me off guard. Something that made me think about my comment mentioned above that people from different culture spending time together, living together should be completely normal.

What I saw was new but beautiful, I saw on my right an interracial couple on the escalator going down, so far so good right? But wait it was an Asian man and an Indian woman. Now why was that surprising to me? Have you been surprised like this before? Have you thought why?

As humans I believe we are programmed to see patterns everywhere, that’s how we went from hunters (figuring out at what time it was good to hunt) to farmers (planning the harvest) to corporate executives who use forecasts to build strategies. But if you have to understand this is the first time I see this configuration and I have lived in India, in France, in UK, in Germany and now in Thailand. 

I just realized that, all ethnicities mix but some ethnicities mix more than others. 

Bonne journée..


Cartoon blog day 15: Projections vs reality

CDB15 Projections vs reality

I am not going to argue about  the existence nor the definition of LOVE, at least not yet. But I do want to talk about our mental projections onto people.

When I look back on my relationships I’ve had with women, I realize what most men wouldn’t admit or maybe didn’t give any thought to:

The women I have been more attached to emotionally reminded me in some way of my mother.

There, now that I’ve admitted that let’s hope that you’ll feel more comfortable with me from now on.

We do put on a mask when go out, when we are out of our comfort zone. The same way you not only make assumptions about the people you encounter, you also assume their impression of you.

To finish today’s ramble, for those who want to engage in a relationship with that woman just based on her sexy looks just keep this in mind. JUST BECAUSE SHE IS SEXY IT DOESN’T MEAN SHE IS GOOD IN BED.

What? Too soon?

Bonne journée.


Cartoon blog day 14: Money goals

Hey I tried to color my cartoon today because I had more time.

CBD14 Money goals


I heard some people have even planned what age they are going to die, what age the are going to retire and so on. But I cannot emphasize this enough, i truly believe that enjoying the experience, the process is a healthier way to live.

Maybe this comes from the fact that in schools we are trained to get good grades, good results even if you are even interested in learning at all.

Even in case of marriages, if you are getting married to have a family what happens after you have a child and the child grows up and leaves the house? I still feel that most relationships are means to an end not an end in itself.

Is that why, couples gets separated after their kids grow up?

At the same time I have never been married and I am single at the moment so maybe I am not the best person to listen to.

What are your money goals?

Bonne Journée.