What you want and what you get


Cartoon blog day 15: Projections vs reality

CDB15 Projections vs reality

I am not going to argue about  the existence nor the definition of LOVE, at least not yet. But I do want to talk about our mental projections onto people.

When I look back on my relationships I’ve had with women, I realize what most men wouldn’t admit or maybe didn’t give any thought to:

The women I have been more attached to emotionally reminded me in some way of my mother.

There, now that I’ve admitted that let’s hope that you’ll feel more comfortable with me from now on.

We do put on a mask when go out, when we are out of our comfort zone. The same way you not only make assumptions about the people you encounter, you also assume their impression of you.

To finish today’s ramble, for those who want to engage in a relationship with that woman just based on her sexy looks just keep this in mind. JUST BECAUSE SHE IS SEXY IT DOESN’T MEAN SHE IS GOOD IN BED.

What? Too soon?

Bonne journée.