Cartoon blog day 25: Reincarnation

First of all, I have some question about the link of time travel with reincarnation. Is reincarnation us going to the future, I mean who said that you retain your biological form when you Time travel, maybe you become a baby again and have to grow up in the future in the hope that you will still remember why you Time traveled in the first place. If you have any theories on that let me have it in the comments.

20181107 CBD25 Reincarnation.jpg

Usually like any common mortal, my thoughts at any particular moment are influenced by the books I am reading. I just finished reading HOMO DEUS in which the author Yuval Noah Harari said that we record History not only to avoid mistakes by drawing lessons from the past but also because it liberates us.

Which is why talking to a friend about a problem you have, feels good. I usually find myself on the other side of the conversation because for some reason people believe that I am a good listener who doesn’t judge.

The problem I have come to realize is that I try to give solutions to any problem I hear, even if the person sharing the trouble doesn’t want one.

I cannot ask the person who is going through something horrible: “Now wait do you want me to listen or to give you a solution?” if you do this, you are considering the feelings of the person in front of you.

Maybe because we unconsciously know that  History is mostly written by Victors we want all stories to end in a good way, or at least have some sort of closure FOR US. But that’s exactly the point, it’s not always about YOU.

As I grow up, I realize that everyone is going through something at any given moment and putting your feelings in front of theirs, is not helping anyone.

Bonne journée.


Cartoon blog day5: Peace and love

Apart from my daily cartoons I also publish a webcomic series every month which you can read for free on webtoon (

I also make videos about movies on my Youtube channel MOVIE MESSENGER (

On this channel you can listen to me and my friend talk about something that he came across which he shared with me and I have been thinking about it a lot which is:


This was something that  I didn;’t know I needed but since I have heard this sentence it’s organizing my previous theories I have about how to live into a nice pile. Think about it for a moment and let it sink in until I catch you next time.

CBD5 Peace and love.jpg
Peace and love piecing the world together