Why do I feel guilty?

Guilty for being LOVED

Guilty for being in LOVE

Guilty for doing what I LOVE

Guilty for feeling not being able to PROVIDE

Guilty for feeling HAPPY that I can point to the problem or should I say the source of the problem


The hopeful thing is that one can MAKE MONEY

But will I?


Cartoon blog day 29: Geekdom


Everyone is geeky about something … or someone right?

How is buying more shoes than you need is tolerated more than buying comics to read stories you can see nowhere else.

Again we keep coming back to the same topics: ATTACHMENT, whether it’s your national sports team, your favorite TV show or your nation itself. You have to be receptive of criticism, because there are some good ones out there.

Because it’s by being critical that we improve ourselves and the environment around us.

Balance, as complicated it is to grasp should be the path to follow. But we rarely think about BALANCE.

Stories I consume in different mediums (comics, movies, series, novels, etc.) feed my imagination. And unlike what most people tend to believe, imagination is always based on something human. So I always learn something which is why I created a whole Youtube channel for that (check out my Youtube channel MOVIE MESSENGER).

When students ask me how can I draw things from nothing, you can’t. You have to express intangible concepts from your mind to the canvas, meaning ideas from other ideas which exist in your head.

All this ARTxplanation is good but how do you know if you are off balance?

This is where ART comes in, art keeps things in check. Here is one way in which you can test yourself from obsession: If you are a pseudo-religious Batman fan and you are comfortable laughing at yourself, in other words laugh at comedians who make fun of Batman fans, you are in a healthy mental relationship with what you love.

Bonne journée.




Cartoon blog day 28: When do you become an artist?


This is my favorite topic.

Why is this question difficult to answer? Whenever you create something you are an artist, right?

Defining an artist comes down to defining ART itself. Many have given definitions to ART, for me ART is a language.

OK, language means we communicate something. So what do we communicate as artists? FEELINGS.

It’s DIAGRAM time (that’s not a diagram):

Artist lives his life –> Experiences life –> He learns something and feels something –> He creates what he can with that feeling in mind in the attempt to transfer that feeling –> the audience is exposed to the art work and feels what they feel.

So then an artist is someone who communicates his feelings successfully. Well if it was a brochure, sure it’s pretty straight forward but in most cases experiencing experiencing ART is like doing the Rorschach test you get what you get.

So what’s the point?

I think genuinely artist is one of the rare professions where others have to in a way knight you as one.

Anyway for business purposes don’t just introduce yourself as “ARTIST”, what kind of artist are you?

Bonne journée.






Cartoon blog day 25: Reincarnation

First of all, I have some question about the link of time travel with reincarnation. Is reincarnation us going to the future, I mean who said that you retain your biological form when you Time travel, maybe you become a baby again and have to grow up in the future in the hope that you will still remember why you Time traveled in the first place. If you have any theories on that let me have it in the comments.

20181107 CBD25 Reincarnation.jpg

Usually like any common mortal, my thoughts at any particular moment are influenced by the books I am reading. I just finished reading HOMO DEUS in which the author Yuval Noah Harari said that we record History not only to avoid mistakes by drawing lessons from the past but also because it liberates us.

Which is why talking to a friend about a problem you have, feels good. I usually find myself on the other side of the conversation because for some reason people believe that I am a good listener who doesn’t judge.

The problem I have come to realize is that I try to give solutions to any problem I hear, even if the person sharing the trouble doesn’t want one.

I cannot ask the person who is going through something horrible: “Now wait do you want me to listen or to give you a solution?” if you do this, you are considering the feelings of the person in front of you.

Maybe because we unconsciously know that  History is mostly written by Victors we want all stories to end in a good way, or at least have some sort of closure FOR US. But that’s exactly the point, it’s not always about YOU.

As I grow up, I realize that everyone is going through something at any given moment and putting your feelings in front of theirs, is not helping anyone.

Bonne journée.