Cartoon blog day 29: Geekdom


Everyone is geeky about something … or someone right?

How is buying more shoes than you need is tolerated more than buying comics to read stories you can see nowhere else.

Again we keep coming back to the same topics: ATTACHMENT, whether it’s your national sports team, your favorite TV show or your nation itself. You have to be receptive of criticism, because there are some good ones out there.

Because it’s by being critical that we improve ourselves and the environment around us.

Balance, as complicated it is to grasp should be the path to follow. But we rarely think about BALANCE.

Stories I consume in different mediums (comics, movies, series, novels, etc.) feed my imagination. And unlike what most people tend to believe, imagination is always based on something human. So I always learn something which is why I created a whole Youtube channel for that (check out my Youtube channel MOVIE MESSENGER).

When students ask me how can I draw things from nothing, you can’t. You have to express intangible concepts from your mind to the canvas, meaning ideas from other ideas which exist in your head.

All this ARTxplanation is good but how do you know if you are off balance?

This is where ART comes in, art keeps things in check. Here is one way in which you can test yourself from obsession: If you are a pseudo-religious Batman fan and you are comfortable laughing at yourself, in other words laugh at comedians who make fun of Batman fans, you are in a healthy mental relationship with what you love.

Bonne journée.





Cartoon blog day 18: Indian eating habits

I have to admit I’m an Indian who eats beef. Not only beef, I eat whatever I like.

CBD18 Indian eating habits.jpg

I want to clarify some things about India that I find some people still get wrong. Most Indians don’t eat beef for religious reasons and usually they are HINDUS, which means their religion is HINDUISM, not to be confused with HINDI which is the official language of India and one of the many languages spoken in India.

So HINDU is not HINDI.

And Indie movies is not short for Indian movies, it’s short for Independent movies.

I respect people who warn me that it’s pork or beef when I order something which means that it’s something that people know about Indians.

So why do I eat whatever I want? First I was raised catholic even though I don’t practice. I go to church only because my mother wants to go to church. I do pray sometimes unbeknownst to be.

For a long time I was following this quote I heard somewhere:

I don’t believe in GOD but I am afraid of him.

But actually that wasn’t it. I believe in god but I just don’t believe in the definitions, specifications which we are given from whatever religion it might be.

Just like I believe in LOVE I don’t believe in the Commodification of LOVE.

Bonne journée.