Cartoon blog day 22: Artificial intelligence

20181102 CBD21 Artifical intelligence

Usually what I create, which means the things I put out there come from what I am reading, watching at that time. Since I am currently reading the brilliant Yuval Noah Harari’s HOMO DEUS, I was hit with a fear that I put aside for some time.

There is so much in the book to take in and I need to read it again to make notes and take lessons for myself. His book SAPIENS was about human history and this is about the future of humankind in which Artificial intelligence will play a major role.

He argues that many people or most people will become militarily and economically useless because their jobs will be taken over by artificial intelligence (A.I.).

The question I asked myself as a teacher and cartoonist, is not whether my job will be replaced by A.I. because that is inevitable, there are already computer programs which compose music, it won’t take long for them to make jokes. However, i start thinking about when it would happen.

We live truly in a crucial moment, you might say “yeah but every generation says that about their era”. Well, if not for anything else the rhythm of changes have never been so high in Human history. Do you realize that the first Smartphone IPhone was released in a 2007? 11 years ago? Look how much has changed in ten years.

Like I said in my cartoon, I have hope that we still have time. I went to see a movie the other day and I wanted to buy the ticket from the Automatic machine and it didn’t work so I went with the human option, which made me smile a bit.

We have time, Yes. Not to enjoy but to focus on reducing our Carbon footprint because that is for me the biggest problem at the moment.

Bonne journée.


Cartoon blog day 18: Indian eating habits

I have to admit I’m an Indian who eats beef. Not only beef, I eat whatever I like.

CBD18 Indian eating habits.jpg

I want to clarify some things about India that I find some people still get wrong. Most Indians don’t eat beef for religious reasons and usually they are HINDUS, which means their religion is HINDUISM, not to be confused with HINDI which is the official language of India and one of the many languages spoken in India.

So HINDU is not HINDI.

And Indie movies is not short for Indian movies, it’s short for Independent movies.

I respect people who warn me that it’s pork or beef when I order something which means that it’s something that people know about Indians.

So why do I eat whatever I want? First I was raised catholic even though I don’t practice. I go to church only because my mother wants to go to church. I do pray sometimes unbeknownst to be.

For a long time I was following this quote I heard somewhere:

I don’t believe in GOD but I am afraid of him.

But actually that wasn’t it. I believe in god but I just don’t believe in the definitions, specifications which we are given from whatever religion it might be.

Just like I believe in LOVE I don’t believe in the Commodification of LOVE.

Bonne journée.