Cartoon blog day 28: When do you become an artist?


This is my favorite topic.

Why is this question difficult to answer? Whenever you create something you are an artist, right?

Defining an artist comes down to defining ART itself. Many have given definitions to ART, for me ART is a language.

OK, language means we communicate something. So what do we communicate as artists? FEELINGS.

It’s DIAGRAM time (that’s not a diagram):

Artist lives his life –> Experiences life –> He learns something and feels something –> He creates what he can with that feeling in mind in the attempt to transfer that feeling –> the audience is exposed to the art work and feels what they feel.

So then an artist is someone who communicates his feelings successfully. Well if it was a brochure, sure it’s pretty straight forward but in most cases experiencing experiencing ART is like doing the Rorschach test you get what you get.

So what’s the point?

I think genuinely artist is one of the rare professions where others have to in a way knight you as one.

Anyway for business purposes don’t just introduce yourself as “ARTIST”, what kind of artist are you?

Bonne journée.







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