cartoon blog day 38: you didn’t expect that 2/2

(Please read the part1 of this post from the day before to get some context)

If we all come from a single point of origin, I can hardly believe the argument “We are all the same” but I can stand behind “We are all connected”.

First of all, think physically, you are not in a bubble even if you are not surrounded by people all the time. Think about the device you are reading this blog on. Can you imagine how many people were involved to get this product in your hands? 

OK let’s leave the physical for the moment, you actions are determined by your programming from people you have encountered which in turn will influence the way people people see you, creating a cycle. Figure out if this cycle is what you want in life, you can always break it. 

When people say “CHANGE THE WORLD”, as monumental as it may seem, they actually mean : “Change the perception others have of you”. Become the change you want to see in the world and I am not the first person to say this. If you want to become a writer, just start writing and start sharing. 

Bonne journée.


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