ART IS podcast #17 – INNER VOICE

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Written on 3rd of September 2021 (corrected version)

My mind is very chattery today. Oftentimes I’ve stopped myself from a thought painting because of my laziness to take the time to define concepts. 

There is a reason why I call it thoughts painting. As an artist I don’t want to know what stroke every brush is going to make, I want to paint anyway. 

I understand that without defining the ideas/concepts who play the protagonists in our mind-play, the dance might feel pointless. 

But I do think of thinking as ART and if my juggle of ideas, or cocktail of concepts are wrong, tasteless at least I would have contributed to the recipe by showing what not to do. However, depriving myself of the joy of contemplation feels like a crime. 

All this to say, listen to your inner voice. I am guilty of getting lost in listening to others’ voices through the technology we inherited. I forget to listen to the humming of my own muse.


How to create simple 2D ANIMATION on paper

I taught simple 2D animation on paper during my Sunday workshops. I usually do these workshops every sunday online. If you want join my meetup group, if you join you’ll get the update on events I organize, or yo can just follow my website here and you’ll get the scoop (

Following that workshop I made a youtube video where I show you how you can do simple 2D animation at home: