CARTOON BLOG DAY 41: Is self love overrated?

Dramatic lighting : Me interrogating people who like their own posts on social media.

I have  a theory that hatred towards others is the result of a projection we make of ourselves onto others, when these projections represent what we consider positive sides of ourselves we like that person and if these projections represent what we consider negative sides of ourselves we hate that person. 

So people who actually hate other people hate a part of who they are inside. 

I have heard of self love a lot of times. When someone says that they are not attractive their best friend (to console him/her) tells that person, “you need to like yourself otherwise how would others like you?” 

But love doesn’t make you a better person. self awareness does. So try to understand yourself and try to improve yourself on a day to day basis. You can admire other people, you can even have mentors, but don’t compare yourself to others (which we naturally do). Just try to be the best version of yourself you can be and don’t be afraid to talk about it. Talk with your friends but also talk with strangers because they will be honest and won’t be afraid to offend you. 

Don’t just love yourself, find a good reason to love yourself. 

Bonne journée.



cartoon blog day 41: My diagram

I made a decision to find what I love doing and get paid to do what I love. 

So the hardest is and will be to figure out how one goes about finding his or her dream. For me, it came from the people I look up to, people who I consider to be my mentors whom I have never met and maybe will never meet in my life. 

But I admired their work, I loved the impact they’ve had on me so I wanted to have that same impact on other people so we can share this joy created by art through artists. 

When I say people, I am talking about Filmmakers, Authors of books, Speakers, Philosophers, intellectuals, Stand-up comedians, Comic book artists and Artists in general. 

Even when I give all these people different categories, different jobs, they are all ARTISTS, in that they are masters at what they do. One example would be Neil Gaiman, the author of such books as AMERICAN GODS and the brilliant Sandman comic book series. 

Now I felt that I was torn between all these endeavors, but somehow I remained intact and happy while doing videos about movies, talking about movies, making cartoons, writing blogs, making tutorial videos for drawing, working on my web comic series and so on. 

So I put everything I do online on a paper to see if it makes sense, and it did, so much so it was not a table I was able to come up with, but a circle where everything is connected with me at the center of it. 

I know people say you should focus on one thing before you move on to another, for the moment I can’t maybe later I will have the maturity to do so, but for the moment this is who I am (I’ve put the links to those platforms below the diagram): 

Youtube channel about movies:

Youtube channel for Drawing tutorials:

Web comic series:

Instagram: @sketchman_boris


Audio podcasts: