Free Online Drawing Workshop – How to make Comic strips

After a LOOONG time I would like to start my online workshops again.

I want to teach you how to make comic strips with simple 3 to 4 panels.
All you’ll need is some open mind, papers, pencil and an eraser.

I’ll start with some basics, and then show you an example and then let you create your own comic strips.

This is an online workshop, here is the link to our Meetup Group event page:


Free online drawing workshop: How to draw cartoon elephants

I just announced a new drawing workshop for the Sunday 1st of August on HOW TO DRAW CARTOON ELEPHANTS. I love drawing in a cartoony style and I love drawing animals but I had to choose an animal. I came across Aaron Blaise’s video a few days ago where he was drawing Elephants in fun/funny poses. So I wanted dive into the cartoon anatomy and elephants anatomy and how they can come together. Here is the link to my meetup group where you’ll find details on how to join this event:

Screenshots from drawing workshop: How to sketch FACES with PENS

Thank you to those who showed up to my drawing workshop on how to sketch faces with pen. Here are some screenshots. The objective of this workshop was to go past the reflexe to erase your drawing so using a pen would remove that option and relieve you from that stress. Also it’s always good to recommend with new tools.

If you want to join the following workshops, please become a member of my meetup group: