Screenshots from drawing workshop: How to sketch FACES with PENS

Thank you to those who showed up to my drawing workshop on how to sketch faces with pen. Here are some screenshots. The objective of this workshop was to go past the reflexe to erase your drawing so using a pen would remove that option and relieve you from that stress. Also it’s always good to recommend with new tools.

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How to draw simple EXPRESSIONS

This part Sunday, on my weekly drawing workshop (free and online) we learned to draw simple cartoon expressions and how to apply them to a character. I just uploaded a new video on this topic on my youtube channel SKETCHMAN DRAWS, please consider subscribing. I make at least two videos per week.

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Art workshop in Bangkok for Kids and Adults – HOW TO DRAW DINOSAURS

Hey there, this workshop is for kids and adults, this time i will teach you how to draw Dinosaurs. We will also create a new dinosaur from imagination.

The lesson is 2 hours but you are welcome to stay and chat or just continue drawing other things.

You can bring your own material or you can use the material I will bring such as paper, pencils and erasers.

Workshop price: 200THB (only for the workshop) paid AFTER the workshop.

Since we will be in a cafe I kindly ask you to buy a drink or something to eat to appreciate the owner of the cafe reserving the place for us

Here is the link to the meetup event:

ATTENTION: Just to make sure you get the right location just search in Google maps for “ROUND ABOUT CAFE” you will find it.

How to get to the Cafe: Get off at Ekkamai BTS station, take the EXIT1 go into Sukhumvit soi 63. You can walk from there but it will take 20 mins by foot so the best option is to take a motorbike taxi. The ROUND ABOUT CAFE is located on the opposite side of Ekkamai soi 9.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

See you on Sunday and Excelsior!