Cartoon blog day 27: Motivatonal quotes


Why don’t I like motivational quotes when I myself cite quotes from artists and philosophers?

In my opinion, the road to knowledge, wisdom and ultimately meaning is a difficult one.

Although the intention of a naive motivational quote may be well placed, it removes the mystery, and most importantly it removes the process.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, if you are purely result oriented you may be a suitable candidate in a corporate environment. But the laws of the universe in which we live are more blurred and are not as clear as the borders of a spreadsheet.

So I should fall in the post-modern thought process of : there is no one way to interpret life events therefore there is no one meaning I should strive for?

There are differences between meaning and results just like there are differences between vision and objectives.

“Do something you love, so that you can be someone everybody admires” – Me.

Confusing isn’t it? Yes, be confused, confusion should lead to curiosity to find your WHY.

Then you won’t look for guidance in motivational quotes for which you don’t know the origin, but you will look for guidance in people. I don’t mind quoting Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson because I know the quote comes from him and I know he works hard even though he is not an artist nor a philosopher.

Bonne journée.