Cartoon blog day 30: Lizards, snakes and phobia

20181117 CBD30 Geekdom

As you might have noticed by now, I don’t mind sharing my secrets. I had the idea for this cartoon because I have a phobia of lizards, no matter the type, the size, they shake me to the core.

I haven’t quite put the finger on it, I think it has to do with the way they move. I argued that this weird movement is actually one of the reasons I find practical effects scary compared to the CGI alternative.

I made a video proposing practical effects as a way to improve the quality of special effects in Indian movies (YOUTUBE channel: MOVIE MESSENGER). Some would say, no you are scared of lizards because your ancestors must have fought against lizards and that is now programmed into your brain.

I live near this (I’m not in a prison it’s just my balcony has steel bars):


And there is a Monitor lizard swimming sometimes here and I often have nightmares where I wake up the moment some sort of lizard or lizard-like creature appears. By the way they are called Monitor lizards, I thought they were called Molitor lizards, what are they monitoring?

What is your phobia?

Bonne journée.


Cartoon blog day6: Fear and Art

I’ve always gravitated as I got older to independent filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and Kevin Smith. I just dated myself by mentioning those guys. But for me those guys are still great especially Kevin Smith and Robert Rodriguez who have always been motivators to ask people to create and express themselves.

I don’t think she was the only one who said it but I heard a Carrie fisher quote from a friend:

“Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow.”

– Carrie fisher

CBD6 Fear and art with Dracula

As an artist who thinks he has interesting ideas to share, I hope this little drawing will help anyone who needs a little smile on their face to continue on your risky journey you have undertaken.

Robert Rodriguez talked about a book called ART AND FEAR by David Bayles which is on my to read list but when he talked about that book he said something that helped me a lot, I want to transfer it here hoping it would help you. If you are scared it means you are doing the right thing, especially if you are an artist.

And to add to that I don’t believe in luck, I believe in preparation and acting like a professional even before you become one. Which is why I gave myself this challenge to come up with a new drawing, new cartoon I would put online everyday as long as I can. If you are a writer, WRITE, if you are a musician, MAKE MUSIC and if you are a cartoonist, DRAW.

Bonne journée.