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Cartoon blog day 35: English teacher

20181122 CBD35 English class

i sometimes think back on how arrogant I was. My plan seemed simple then: Quit my corporate job, find a teaching job (to teach English/French) to make money and pay the bills while I try to make a name for myself as a cartoonist, comic book artist.

Why teaching? I figured it would be a job which would give me enough free time to work on my art.

I said I was arrogant because I was so sure that I would find a teaching job easily. As achievable as it was I forgot that I chose to do it in Bangkok, Thailand. I love it here but there are still a lot of people who think only native speakers, meaning people from the U.S, UK, Australia and so on who can teach proper English.

I am proud of myself for finding the teaching job and spending the free time creating cartoons, webcomics, podcasts, videos about movies and blogging. I am also proud of the company which hired me as teacher.

When I see my friends on WhatsApp group complain about MONDAYS and waiting the test of the week for FRIDAY. I see the time fly as I enjoy teaching and creating. So I consider myself lucky.

I am a strong believer in learning by doing because I don’t have a choice and I hope I will get better and give better content here and the other platforms on which I create. I am only getting started, If you are an artist talk to people and keep yourself informed.

Always have a plan even if the plan only makes sense to you.

Bonne journée.

Cartoon blog day 30: Lizards, snakes and phobia

20181117 CBD30 Geekdom

As you might have noticed by now, I don’t mind sharing my secrets. I had the idea for this cartoon because I have a phobia of lizards, no matter the type, the size, they shake me to the core.

I haven’t quite put the finger on it, I think it has to do with the way they move. I argued that this weird movement is actually one of the reasons I find practical effects scary compared to the CGI alternative.

I made a video proposing practical effects as a way to improve the quality of special effects in Indian movies (YOUTUBE channel: MOVIE MESSENGER). Some would say, no you are scared of lizards because your ancestors must have fought against lizards and that is now programmed into your brain.

I live near this (I’m not in a prison it’s just my balcony has steel bars):


And there is a Monitor lizard swimming sometimes here and I often have nightmares where I wake up the moment some sort of lizard or lizard-like creature appears. By the way they are called Monitor lizards, I thought they were called Molitor lizards, what are they monitoring?

What is your phobia?

Bonne journée.