Cartoon blog day7: Mind and social media

I also have a Youtube channel called MOVIE MESSENGER where I talk about movies and make podcasts about a wide array of things. We shot a shortfilm, well there is no story it’s just me and my friend Vidhvat talking about how we are tired of people complaining about everybody staring at their smartphones.

We tried to argue that in order to move forward we need to think about to incorporate this change in healthy way instead of dismissing changes completely. I mean WE WANTED THIS, and technology is a tool it becomes what we make of it.

CBD7 Mind and socia media.jpg


Cartoon blog day6: Fear and Art

I’ve always gravitated as I got older to independent filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and Kevin Smith. I just dated myself by mentioning those guys. But for me those guys are still great especially Kevin Smith and Robert Rodriguez who have always been motivators to ask people to create and express themselves.

I don’t think she was the only one who said it but I heard a Carrie fisher quote from a friend:

“Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow.”

– Carrie fisher

CBD6 Fear and art with Dracula

As an artist who thinks he has interesting ideas to share, I hope this little drawing will help anyone who needs a little smile on their face to continue on your risky journey you have undertaken.

Robert Rodriguez talked about a book called ART AND FEAR by David Bayles which is on my to read list but when he talked about that book he said something that helped me a lot, I want to transfer it here hoping it would help you. If you are scared it means you are doing the right thing, especially if you are an artist.

And to add to that I don’t believe in luck, I believe in preparation and acting like a professional even before you become one. Which is why I gave myself this challenge to come up with a new drawing, new cartoon I would put online everyday as long as I can. If you are a writer, WRITE, if you are a musician, MAKE MUSIC and if you are a cartoonist, DRAW.

Bonne journée.


Cartoon blog day5: Peace and love

Apart from my daily cartoons I also publish a webcomic series every month which you can read for free on webtoon (

I also make videos about movies on my Youtube channel MOVIE MESSENGER (

On this channel you can listen to me and my friend talk about something that he came across which he shared with me and I have been thinking about it a lot which is:


This was something that  I didn;’t know I needed but since I have heard this sentence it’s organizing my previous theories I have about how to live into a nice pile. Think about it for a moment and let it sink in until I catch you next time.

CBD5 Peace and love.jpg
Peace and love piecing the world together



Cartoon blog day4: Fall in LOVE with LIFE

There is too much cynicism and making fun of everything to the point one can get confused about what’s important so it’s time I got cheesy on your ass:

CBD4 Meaning of life.jpg

Not once but twice i was asked to draw something for a freelance job and didn’t get paid. I was furious at first but then i came across an interview where Neil Gaiman (one of my favorite people in the planet) told a story about when he was starting as a writer, and he made a very simple argument for doing what you love.

I don’t remember the story but the lesson I got from that is if you decide to make a living doing what you love, something you enjoy, if you get paid you have the enjoyable experience of creating the work and as a bonus some cash. If you feel like doing something just for the money, if you don’t get the money, you have nothing.

Which brings me to today’s cartoon as cheesy as it is, as an Artist I am learning more and more to fall in love with the process and as a guy who is vaguely interested in spirituality, mindfulness, buddhism, I see the pointlessness of depending purely on results after results. Of course if you work for a company you are expected to pull in results but in ART it’s all about the way you felt when you create and if you are honest the person enjoying your art will feel it as well.

Cartoon blog day3: Mer MAID

As much as I hate explaining cartoons I feel even worse when I think about the amount of water I consume as a single person and the amount of trash I create. I live in Bangkok, Thailand. As a single guy who lives on a teacher’s salary who is trying to make a living from his art I am a regular customer at Seven Eleven shops, first they are everywhere and second they are open 24/7 so as an artist who has his best ideas at night I often buy the products I consume there.

CBD3 Mer maid clean oceans.jpg

The reason I talked about Seven Eleven is because here in Thailand the clerks tend to give you plastic bag even for the smallest items. I am planning on buying a reusable cloth bag and if I can’t find one which is the correct size I’ll probably make one for myself and give some to people I know and to strangers on the street to reduce the usage of plastic bags. What do you people think?

I can’t solve as the problem of trash in the world as an individual but I can start the conversations, and focus on small things. Like for example I used to use paper tissues but now I bought cloth handkerchiefs (why don’t we say Handkerchieves? Anyway)  which I wash and reuse, not only do I save money I use less paper now.