Cartoon blog day3: Mer MAID

As much as I hate explaining cartoons I feel even worse when I think about the amount of water I consume as a single person and the amount of trash I create. I live in Bangkok, Thailand. As a single guy who lives on a teacher’s salary who is trying to make a living from his art I am a regular customer at Seven Eleven shops, first they are everywhere and second they are open 24/7 so as an artist who has his best ideas at night I often buy the products I consume there.

CBD3 Mer maid clean oceans.jpg

The reason I talked about Seven Eleven is because here in Thailand the clerks tend to give you plastic bag even for the smallest items. I am planning on buying a reusable cloth bag and if I can’t find one which is the correct size I’ll probably make one for myself and give some to people I know and to strangers on the street to reduce the usage of plastic bags. What do you people think?

I can’t solve as the problem of trash in the world as an individual but I can start the conversations, and focus on small things. Like for example I used to use paper tissues but now I bought cloth handkerchiefs (why don’t we say Handkerchieves? Anyway)  which I wash and reuse, not only do I save money I use less paper now.


Cartoon Blog Day2: Big brother is watching you

Not only are we being watched, but I hate when my phone or my computer assumes something about me. Just because I saw one video about a stand up comedian argue with a feminist doesn’t mean that I am into that kind of stuff. I am just a comedy nerd, and I like following what comedians do, I truly believe they are the intellectuals of our time, at least the good ones. Alan Moore in one of his interviews even said Stand up comedians might be the secret legislators or our society. People seem to agree more with comedians than with politicians.

CBD2 Big brother is watching Beer and beard.jpg

Cartoon blog Day1: Artist or serial killer?

OK I have to make a point, I have to make a point…

Hey everyone, I’m a guy who wants to share his ideas through his cartoons in the hope of having engaging conversations which can either change people or result in me learning something new. So here’s to CHANGE !

As an artist fan of other artists I always love when people share their process for creating something. Which is what I’ll be doing with my daily cartoons as long as I can, I hope you won’t fall asleep on the way.


I’ve always felt comfortable around people who are as weird as me and I feel awkward around people who are normal. Now who are these weird people? And most importantly where are these people?

Bonne journée.